The Listing Agent Should Hire The Inspector BEFORE The Buyer Does. Here's Why...

The buyer’s home inspection report should never be a surprise to the homeowner or their Realtor. Horizon Home Inspectors wants to put the power of information where it belongs – in the hands of the LISTING AGENT.

Why do Realtors allow homes to go on the market without knowing everything there is to know about the property? Worse, what right do they have to complain to the home inspector when he/she finds issues in the property previously unknown to the Listing Agent or even the seller? In today's litigious, frenetic real estate environment, "we've always done it this way" doesn't cut it anymore.

 Indisputable facts about selling real estate:

What you don’t know will affect you.

Have you ever been surprised about what your seller didn’t know (or didn’t tell you) about their home before putting it it on the market?

Information is power.

The side with the most information – first – has the upper hand in the negotiation. The side that gets surprised is at a disadvantage - and its not the Inspector's fault!

Everything discovered after contracts are signed is more complicated and more expensive.

What you don’t know will cost more later.

The Solution

As the Listing Agent you have the opportunity to provide a home inspection to your client as part of your service preparing you both before the buyer's inspector tells you later.

The benefits toe Pre-Listing Home Inspection: 

  • You have a professional Home Inspector on your team.
  • The Pre-Listing Home Inspection demonstrates the seller’s due diligence.
  • Prevents 11th-hour surprises when the buyer knows what you don't.
  • Increases the seller’s options – you can advise them to make repairs or negotiate.
  • Seller Reality Check – Ever heard a seller say, I have nothing to worry about, there’s nothing wrong with MY house.
  • Get accurate data for the seller’s disclosure documents. 

And we are in this together - when you provide a Pre-Listing Home Inspection from Horizon Home Inspectors as part of your service to your client you pay nothing until closing or 90 days from the date of the inspection, whichever is first.

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